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Diesel & Dakota


Dakota & Diesel are ‘forever foster’ bulldogs.

Forever in the care of Mini’s Bulldog Rescue due to the extent of their medical issues and vet care needs. We recently asked their forever foster carer’s to tell their story:

My name is Chelsea, my partner Dale and I have been fostering for Mini’s Bulldog Rescue Club for a number of years now. We currently have a senior Australian Bulldog who had been bred multiple times and now unfortunately suffers from severe arthritis, but with the right medication, love and warmth she's still mobile and has a lot of spirit in her. Her name is DAKOTA, but we've given her the nickname ‘Boobies’ as her nipples almost reach the ground from overbreeding ... 

About 7 months ago, the team from MBRC (Bridie and Jenny) contacted us about a young British Bulldog puppy named DIESEL. Diesel unfortunately suffers from the birth defect Spina Bifida. His breeders surrendered him to MBRC to give him a chance at life, and he had a temporary foster home before coming to us. Diesel is mobile (albeit a bit clumsy at times) but he is fully incontinent (#1s and #2s just pour out of him). Investigating Diesel’s ongoing urinary tract infections and excessive drinking with some of the best specialists in the country at SASH North Ryde, we recently learned that Diesel also has kidney dysplasia. Basically his kidneys also didn’t develop properly from birth, and he will need a special renal diet as well as lifelong monitoring (this reduces his life expectancy). Whilst Diesel has two life-long disabilities, he is still a little pocket rocket and lacks nothing in the personality department. 

With Diesel having spina bifida and kidney dysplasia, it can be challenging at times but his worth every second! When inside or taking car rides to the dog park Diesel needs to be in a nappy due to his incontinence and now finding out he has kidney issues too, a special prescription diet is needed - he is currently on your Royal Canin renal canned food. With his nappies, continuous washing and now his prescription diet it does become quite expensive to keep Diesel living his best life. 


Diesel has so much character and wants to play with every dog he meets and get attention from every human he comes by. His favourite games are tug-of-war and fetch, we've taught him basic commands and he attended puppy classes. Diesel loves nothing more than food and treats, his favourite time of day is breakfast and dinner time. 

I (Chelsea) work at a Doggy Daycare Center as a groomer and he gets to come to work with me which he loves, he has made lots of friends at daycare and gives him a good chance to socialise, do zoomies, burn off that puppy energy and to be out of his nappies for the day. This little boy has given me a better outlook on life, even though he has spina bifida and kidney dysplasia he has so much life in him and brings so much happiness to everyone he meets. Diesel is always happy and we feel so blessed to be able to give him the best life he deserves for as long as his natural life, and to be chosen to be his forever foster pawrents. 


Caring for Dakota & Diesel's medical needs is even more expensive than you would anticipate. Thousands of dollars each year.


We are so very grateful to have Chelsea & Dale care for them as their own in their home.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could set-up a monthly pledge or donation to assist with their vet bills and the cost of Diesel's prescription renal food (approx. $50/week is the cost).

Thank you for your support

More information on spina bifida in bulldogs is available here.

More information on kidney dysplasia is available here.

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