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Lola needs your help!

Lola is a fun loving 3 year old Aussie Bulldog who has recently been surrendered & adopted in Victoria through Mini's Bulldog Rescue Club.

Lola had been with her new fur-ever home for less than a week when she wound up at the animal hospital. Unfortunately it has been discovered that Lola has some serious medical issues that need urgent attention.

Lola has a serious spinal injury and despite still acting like a playful bulldog puppy is in excruciating pain. Lola has also been suffering seizures which they think could be from contracting viral meningitis with her spinal injury not being treated.

As if this wasn't enough Lola's lack of interest in food & ongoing vomited was investigated. X-rays revealed what looked to be something lodged in her stomach.

Lola was rushed into surgery yesterday to have the unknown object in her stomach removed and she was spayed at the same time. No object was found however her pancreas was very inflamed and nothing was passing through her intestines. Lola is now on medication and soft food to get her digestive system working again and hopefully gain some weight. Lola is also in anti-inflammatories & pain relief to manager her spinal injury until she is well enough to have the required surgery.

Lola has recovered well today and is in good spirits considering everything she has been through. Paws crossed her family will be able to take her home tomorrow.

As you can imagine the bills are stacking up already. Vet costs from the past week are $4000+, and when Lola is back to full health in 4-6wks she will need spinal surgery which will cost $4500-7000.

Mini's Bulldog Rescue Club are committed to providing as much support for Lola's treatment & recovery as possible and this is the part where we need your help please.



Lola update 28-01-16
Lola has pulled through yesterday's surgery pretty well and is on the road to recovery.

No obstruction was found in Lola's stomach during her surgery however her pancreas was inflamed & nothing was getting through to her intestines. Lola has a special medication & soft food to get her eating again and gaining some weight. 
Spaying was successful so there won't be any mini-Lola's in her future. 
Lola is on anti-inflammatories & pain relief to manage her spinal injury until she's well enough to be operated on in the coming weeks.

Lola was very happy to be visited by her new family today & they hope to be able to take her home tomorrow. Lola's one tough cookie to still be so happy after everything she's going through.

Hang in there Lola, we're all thinking of you

🐾 The MBRC Team 🐾


Lola update 30-01-16
Happy to share that Lola went home to her family last night and her recovery is going extremely well Lola even devoured her breakfast this morning which is an excellent sign. She's on 4 different meds and the special food to help her stomach & intestines function correctly, as well as manage her spinal pain and get some weight on. Lola can be very ginger walking at times but at other times bounces along like a puppy. There's no shortage of cuddles being given right now & Lola is very affectionate so lapping them up. Thank you to everyone who has donated, and your support to keep sharing this link would be greatly appreciated

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