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Harmony & Tonka are old bulldogs who love nothing more than lounging around with their human! Unfortunately Harmony has arthritis so finds it difficult to get around easily and we give her Augustine Approved Superboost which really helps her old joints. It does mean they need to have easy access to outside, without too many stairs, but will be the happiest indoors with you.  Tonka also doesn't have the best eyesight anymore but they both seem to get around fine as long as they are together, they are very happy!  The good thing about this pair is that they just want to hang with you – the puppy phase and challenges that go with younger dogs are gone! They are just ready to love you.


Age: Harmony is 10 and Tonka is 8


Breed: Female and Male British Bulldogs


Location: Harmony and Tonka are currently fostered in Newcastle (NSW) - a meet & greet with their new family is essential.


Adoption Fee: $300.00


These gorgeous two doggies are having a bit of a struggle in finding their perfect home. There is one out there for them, we just need you to help us! They recently went for a trial at what we all thought would be their ‘furever home’, but unfortunately it didn’t work out. The move was a bit stressful for them, and they got very grumpy with each other. It wasn’t fair on them, or their new family, as they have children, which Harmony really struggled with. They are the sweetest together normally, and it’s very important we take into account their needs to be able to match them with the perfect family WHO ARE OUT THERE SOMEWHERE!!


People: Harmony is the older of the two dogs, and like most of us, has become a little intolerant in her older age. Harmony isn’t great with young children, as she likes her own space and can find it a bit much when bombarded. Tonka is the more laid back of the two.


Other Dogs/Animals: Again, Harmony likes her humans, and Tonka only. It’s best it’s just the two of them together :) 


Obedience: Given they are both senior, they know their manners well. As with any bulldog, they will oblige with a little gesture of a treat!


Medical care required: Both Harmony and Tonka require ongoing health care. To help with Harmony’s arthritis she requires an injection every 1-2 months (~$30) and some supplements. Tonka requires a special eye cream as his eyes no longer make tears (causing dry eye). This cream costs ~$100 and lasts 1-2 months. Please be aware of their existing medical requirements before applying to adopt them.


Bulldog quirks: They love to use one another as a pillow, and Harmony is very protective of her husband! They will sleep absolutely anywhere – in the middle of the floor, in the bathroom, on the lounge… Tonka has recently been playing with another adopted dog who he pounces on like a puppy! He also LOVES his basketball and is a little bit obsessed… The two will lay parallel to each other and snuggle like an old couple.


Lastly, being older and British Bulldogs Harmony & Tonka aren’t great in the heat. They are used to being inside pooches who just duck out for a quick sniff, toilet stop and frolic on the grass.


If you are looking for a pair of very good looking British bulldogs who just want to be part of the furniture, then these are your perfect family members! They are located in Newcastle (NSW) and a meet and greet is essential first with a 2 week trial period to see if you are the right fit. If you would like to give Harmony and Tonka their forever home, please help us get to know you by completing our Adoption Form.

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