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Sassy needs your help!

Her name says it all! Sassy is the most placid animal and human loving girl we have come across. Sassy even allows birds and chickens to sit on her while she lays around. Sadly Sassy has a number of medical problems and they are making her life very uncomfortable! 

This is the amazing report that we have recieved from her foster carer who is doing an amazing job!

We've had her cysts (chest, interdigitals and a new one I discovered on her jaw) aspirated and tested and the vet suggests removing them during her spay procedure.

Sassy has a fungal skin / ear infection and I have purchased and will start treating with Malaseb and Apex Suspension. She has dry, elephant skin patches and vet feels she may have food-based allergies, so I'm going to start playing with her diet and see what suits her.

Sassy does have entropian and sticky eyes, both upper and lower lashes. I requested some Tricin ointment to help give her some relief there. Vet recommends that a surgery should be considered.

Hips are tight on extension. Without looking further the vet can't say whether this is just formation or arthritis. There is some muscle wastage around her lower back so we are going to work on that with some hydrotherapy at home.
Lets help this beautiful girl get back to full health!  With your help I know that we can!


Sassy needs to have cysts removed from her chest and chin, have her entropian operated on (eyes) and to be desexed. The vet bill for this has been quoted at $1200+ and this is where we need you help please.


Donations of $2+ are tax deductible and can be made via PayPal or her Go Fund Me.


Thank you in advance for your generousity. 


Without your support Sassy couldn't receive the medical care she needs and deserves


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