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Longevity Remedy Part 2


Did you know that dogs joints and cartilage wear down at an extremely faster rate than humans!! It is so important to start a joint health supplementation program early on in a dogs life!

My baby girl Rose was diagnosed with a mild case of hip displaysia, this means she has a greater risk of developing arthritis and joint issues earlier on than most dogs.

The following supplements, after spending a significant amount of time researching, are ones that i believe will not only give my babies the best chance at preventing any joint disorders, but will keep them healthy and slow down the aging process of their joints and other body systems!

Cod liver oil: Super high in Omega 3 EPA and DHA, this is a strong anti-inflammatory, along with being great for their immune system (preventing cancers and other diseases) and helping to maintain a healthy heart, brain and coat. Animal studies have shown to regenerate cartilage too! So starting your dog on this as soon as possible we can attempt to maintain a healthy amount of cartilage, so so important for healthy joints

MSM: This is a sulfur compound. It blocks the transfer of pain impulses so is great for dogs with painful joints, but it also blocks the inflammation process. It improves the uptake of many other nutrients and is a super strong anti-oxidant. It easily crosses the blood brain barrier and prevents and repairs oxidative damage to the brain and restores cell membrane elasticity.